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(Not true professions)

This profession covers what any character can do, regardless of training.


Any character can perform these tasks. No profession learning is required.


Crushing resources/Turning items into runes[edit]


None needed.


  • (-5,-12) in Treechnid Forest
  • (-38,-55) in Bonta
  • (-29,38) in Brakmar
Workbench: Munster Crusher

Crush Resources[edit]

Result Ingredients
3 slots
Red Metaria 1 Sphere for Metarias, 4 Fire Kwak Feather, 1 Fire Kwak beak
Blue Metaria 1 Sphere for Metarias, 4 Ice Kwak Feather, 1 Ice Kwak Beak
Green Metaria 1 Sphere for Metarias, 4 Wind Kwak Feather, 1 Wind Kwak Beak
Yellow Metaria 1 Sphere for Metarias, 4 Earth Kwak Feather, 1 Earth Kwak Beak
Red Triam Metaria 1 Sphere for Metarias, 4 Red Scaraleaf Antennas, 1 Red Scaraleaf Wing
Blue Triam Metaria 1 Sphere for Metarias, 4 Blue Scaraleaf Antennae, 1 Blue Scaraleaf Wing
Green Triam Metaria 1 Sphere for Metarias, 4 Green Scaraleaf Antennas, 1 Green Scaraleaf Wing
Yellow Triam Metaria 1 Sphere for Metarias, 4 White Scaraleaf Antennas, 1 White Scaraleaf Wing
Red Mage Metaria 1 Sphere for Metarias, 4 Black Dreggon Shell, 1 Black Dreggon Egg
Blue Mage Metaria 1 Sphere for Metarias, 4 Sapphire Dreggon Shell, 1 Sapphire Dreggon Egg
Green Mage Metaria 1 Sphere for Metarias, 4 Golden Dreggon Shell, 1 Golden Dreggon Egg
Yellow Mage Metaria 1 Sphere for Metarias, 4 White Dreggon Shell, 1 White Dreggon Egg
4 slots
Crushed Blop Flowers 1 Cherry Blop Flower , 1 Pippin Blop Flower , 1 Coco Blop Flower , 1 Indigo Blop Flower

Turn an item into runes[edit]

You can also use the Munster Crusher to turn items into runes. This may yield a Magic Fragment which can then be used to yield runes.

Items which can be turned into runes

So far, it seems that the only type of item that will yield magic fragments is equipment. The stats of the equipment determine what type of rune the magic fragment yields.


For each of the modified stats of the equipment, you will get a set amount of runes, that is if you crushed exactly the same item again, you would get exactly the same runes out of it again. The new system is that you need 5 times the statistic, to get the desired rune. For example, I have a Gobball Hat with 40 intelligence, i crush it, i get a few Pa Ines, but no Ra! This is because the statistic is not 5 times the rune, you will need 50 intelligence or more to get theRa Ine Rune. Also, if you have 10 x the statstic required, you will get 2 of the Ra Runes

The average number depends on

  • The min and max as above
  • The type of stat. It is significantly harder to get a Ga Pa Rune if you crush Items with 10 AP (god forbid you if you crushed a +10AP item) than to get an Ine Rune if you crush Items with 10 points Intelligence.
  • The level of the initial stats. Crushing +1 Strength items gives a significantly lower percentage than Crushing +20 Strength items.

The average number does not depend on the following.

  • The grouping of items is irrelevant.
  • Shattering in one big batch or single batches is irrelevant.
  • Negative stats (e.g. -10 Intelligence) are irrelevant.
  • Grouping the same negative and positive stats together are irrelevant too!

The table below shows the average number of runes by 100 Points of stat for reasonably powered items.

Average number of runes gained When shattering 100 Points of ...
66.60 Chance, Intelligence, Strength, Vitality, Agility,
Wisdom, Damage, Life
66.60 Prospecting
6.66 PODs
6.66 Initiative
3.60 Critical hit
 ?? Heals
2 Range
3.33 Summon
0.25 AP
 ?? MP
Crushing 100 Elorie Entuwan's Cruel Daggers
Stat Total Stats Average Return % Average number of runes gained
+21~40 Agility 2100~4000 3050 66.6 2031
+21~40 Vitality 2100~4000 3050 66.6 2031
+4~5 Damage 400~500 450 66.6 300

The stat potential is an average of 30.5 Agi, 30.5 Vit and 4.5 Damage, for a potential rune total of 3050 Age, 3050 Vi and 450 Do. Given the 66.6 return ratio, you'll actually get around 2000 Age, 2000 Vi and 280 Do Runes.

Summon a fairy (fairy-works)[edit]

On Pyrotechnics Workbench
See fairy-works.

Use bench (saw kokonut trunks)[edit]

  • Workshops: (35,11)
  • Workbench: Wood Bench
  • Tool: N/A
Result Ingredients
Kokoko Wood Beam 2 KoKonut Palm Trunk
Kokoko Wood Plank 1 KoKonut Palm Trunk

Peel (potato)[edit]

Result Ingredients
Peeled Spuds 1 Spud


Draw (water)[edit]

  • Resource spawn: Well
  • Resource: 1~10 Water
  • Tool: N/A

Pick up (potato)[edit]