And One Dizbi Wand, One!

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This is the Eniripsa Initate quest. It can only be taken by Eniripsas and is available at any level. If you get lost, the compass will update as you follow along with the quest. If you start another quest, or log off, the compass will not show you the correct destination.


Step 1: Dizbi Flower[edit]

You must find some Dizbi flowers if you want your master to make a staff worthy of your name.

XP 100, 1 Dizbi Flower.

Step 2: Dizbi essence[edit]

The flower as it is won't be suitable, you need an infusion!

You receive 2 Essence of Dizbi Flower.

XP 400

Step 3: Express Delivery[edit]

You have to bring the infusion to your guild master so that she can make your staff! If it's possible and if you have time, bring some infusion to your flowers supplier as well : he will be delighted.

XP 400, x1 Initiate's Wand


That completes this quest. Ma Cleopatra tells you that the Enutrofs are in trouble, she is speaking of the In search of the missing Enus quest. This does not automatically add that quest to your log.