Acidrik Gutsplitter's Book

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Talk to Acidrik Gutsplitter in Astrub Inn.

Step 1: Bring a beer to Acidrik[edit]

He can read your future in the head of a good beer.

Buy the beer from Tek Abir
12 XP

Step 2: Get Acidrik's fake book[edit]

This book is entitled "dragon era" and not "Dragon Era".

(drag to see):
Buy the book from Virgil Onamaz, Scroll seller at (5, -20) for 50 Kamas.
  1000XP, 200 kamas

Step 3: Bring a Purple Piwi Feather back to Acidrik[edit]

He needs it to free Acidrik's book from Herdegrize's plagiarism spell.

30 exp
1 How to Make Friends and Keep Them
The corrected Dragon Era - Found Fragments III book.