A Questionable Collection

From Dofus 1.29
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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Otomai
Level required 40
Other prerequisites Not have the Soul Capture spell.
Total rewards 35,000 XP (and the Soul Capture spell)
Items required
(not provided by quest)
Sequel An Eternal Harvest

A Questionable Collection is a quest.


Talk to Otomai (-55,15) and offer your help.

Step 1: Common Knowledge[edit]

Go and learn how to capture souls. The dungeon key must be on creatures of the region

  • Find map Entrance to the Dungeon
Find the Bulb Cavern.
  • Find map Exit of the Dungeon
Complete the dungeon.
35,000 XP

You can now go back to Otomai and start the quest An Eternal Harvest.