A Hysterical Judge

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A Hysterical Judge is a Quest.

In this quest, you will have to successively complete the Crackler Dungeon, Kitsou Dungeon, Koolich Dungeon, Canidae Dungeon, Pandikazes' Hideout and Minotoror Maze


To obtain this quest you must first finish The Master's Henchmen and then talk to Kris Tericks at (-29,-48).

Step One: Go Somewhere Else[edit]

Kris is slightly stressed. You better do what he asks pretty quickly.

125000 XP

Step Two: Hurry Up[edit]

Kris is not feeling any better. Hurry before his state worsens.

No Reward

Step Three: Quick Quick Quick[edit]

Despite his moods, Kris enables you to progress in your relic hunt.

  • Defeat monster: x1 Koolich in one fight.
19000 XP

Step Four: A Real Challenge[edit]

Kris is sending you in places that are more and more dangerous.

  • Defeat monster: x1 Moowolf in one fight.
62800 XP

Step Five: Another One[edit]

Your quest is progressing....slowly.

145000 XP

Step Six: The Very Last One?[edit]

You understood that this would be your very last fight before victory.

175,000 XP

You are told to talk to Colm O'Ver (-19,30) after you talk to Kris Tericks again. This will start the Dungeons and Donjons quest.