A Baton for Bworkonductor

From Dofus 1.29
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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Bworkonductor
Level required 31
Other prerequisites
Total rewards 30,000 XP, 35,000 kamas
Items required
(not provided by quest)
1 Prespic Set

A Baton for Bworkonductor is a quest.



If you successively select:

then you have to fight a 700 PV Bworkonductor (monster). This causes the quest to be over, without any reward (except a nice Bwork Dungeon Key), whatever the result of the fight.

Step: A Wand and a Set[edit]

Bworkonductor needs to prove his virility to his sweet lovely wife asking for gifts to the travellers passing by in his charming village. He hopes that a Prespic set will repel the rolling-pin blows of his beloved Bworkette.

You lose all requested items